The Ranch

Mackay, Idaho

Wild Horse Creek Ranch sits in an open valley nestled in the Pioneer Mountains of Idaho.  The town of Ketchum and Sun Valley Ski Resort lie 22 miles to its southwest, and to its north you’ll find Idaho’s nine highest peaks—including Mount Borah in the Lost River Range, the highest in Idaho.

Area Activities

  • Stargazing
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Hot tub soaks and refreshing dips in the pool
  • Trail running
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Mountaineering

Wild Horse Creek Ranch signWild Horse Creek Ranch lies in close proximity to designated national and wilderness lands, including the Salmon-Challis and Sawtooth National Forests, boasting a wide variety of recreational opportunities. Mountain run-off feeds the creeks and rivers providing some of the best trout fishing in Idaho. The expansive wilderness allows big game to thrive; large herd of elk and deer pass through the valley, moving higher in elevation through the summer. Wild Horse Creek Ranch makes a great base camp for those looking to hunt, fish, mountaineer, view wildlife, or just bask in the open air.

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The History

Originally settled for mining metals, copper was in abundance in the area. Many of the copper mines are still visible even though the mining industry faded away by the ’70s. High in elevation, the Chilly mine (two miles away) was so named by the local miners, who considered the place to be the coldest on earth, at least in the winter. Later the area’s rich soil made it a dairy and cattle raising paradise, with farms dotting the valleys. Even today the area’s old-fashioned Western roots are visible, with working farms and ranches dominating the local industry in modern times.

Lani and Dan

Dan Mulick

The personality and hospitality of the ranch’s individuals are as much a part of Wild Horse Creek Ranch as the land itself. Lani and Dan Mulick have kept the ranch running for the past several decades. They’ve hosted hundreds of groups and individuals over the decades, even holding their own childrens’ weddings on site, and are well-versed in what it takes to run a ranch and make a vacation, wedding, or reunion run smoothly.